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About Me

In relationships, I have been on both sides of the spectrum; as a child of a broken marriage and as an adult who has been married three times. I was in my third marriage when I picked up a book in the library, “Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transformation System” book by Dr. Sha. I started reading it and followed the practices within the book. The wisdom and the practical techniques that I learned from that book were a life-changer for me.

Our Story

I learned how to heal my emotions. I learned how to transform my relationship at the root level. My perseverance, persistence, and practices were rewarded with harmonious relationship with my husband within a few months. I can only compare it to night and day.

I also had relationship challenges with my mother for most of my life. That has transformed too.

As I got to know and practiced using Dr. Sha’s wisdom and techniques, I also overcame my health challenges completely (e.g. overactive thyroid, compromised immune system, back and leg pain, sever nerve damage on left leg, sudden loss of voice for many days at a time off and on for a number of years as a result of MS followed by a car accident in 1992). Generally speaking, instead of getting older by 22 years I am getting younger, with more energy, vitality and immunity.

Now, I am honored to serve you with everything I have learned and experienced. I am honored to be certified by Dr. and Master Sha’s Tao Academy as a:

  • Tao Source Hands Practitioner
  • Tao Source Calligraphy Healer Practitioner
  • Tao Source Teacher
  • Tao Source Communicator
  • Tao Source Operation

I look forward to connecting with you!

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