Free Meditation Class

I offer meditation/class for self-healing and life transformation of relationships and finances by applying Dr. and Master Sha’s deep wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques. Here is the information on free class or group.

How do we get together?


We will virtually by Zoom. This group is held weekly on Thursday evening from 8-9.30 PM EST.

Please check the Event calendar as I might be out of town.

I usually start and finish on time. Your prompt attendance would be greatly appreciated. 

What do we do?

The purpose of this meetup group is to awaken our heart, mind and consciousness at the deepest level.

Life as we know it has changed and who knows it may not go back to what it used to be. We need to adapt to new reality of life in these unpredictable times

What impact has COVID -19 Pandemic had on your life, your family, friends, loved ones and all of humanity?

Has it offered you time to reflect and re-evaluate our individual and collective consciousness?

Above all else, we know that we are all in this together!!!

And we must come together to support and empower each other during this special time.

We want to embody more Love, Peace, and Harmony within us and extend this to the entire world. To improve health such as physical, mental, emotional, relationships and more.

Teaching practices, wisdom and sacred knowledge related to:

· boosting energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity

· healing and transforming the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

· healing and transforming all kinds of relationships

· healing and transforming finances, business and more

We will begin at the physical level to build and develop of 5 five energy centers.

Having strong energy centers is key to preventing illness, well-being, and prolonging life.

I will show you how to build these energy centers by leading you using the 5 sacred power techniques. 
Gradually, we will explain and expand the teachings­ at other levels. Since, everything is interconnected. 

There are deeper wisdom and knowledge theories and practices by attending consistency. We need to combine them in order to get the most benefit. 

Finally, in the end we will share our experiences.

I am deeply committed serving you. I care about your wellness. You may receive further instructions on how you can improve any challenges you may have.

Wisdom and knowledge are given but what you will do with it it is up to you. It’s 50% guidance and teaching from higher dimensions and %50 is your responsibility to follow up with practices to achieve optimum health, relationships and financial success. Your dedication, consistency and persistence are crucial. 

I’ll follow up with you later. We encourage people to bring your family members and friends. All are welcome.

First you become a member in the meetup group, and then you RSVP. Write a comment after the event and keep in touch via email. 

You will receive a reminder two days before the event.

ID: 327 943 7752

Pass code: 076063


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