According to quantum physics, everyone and everything is a vibrational field.

We understand the conventional medical healing is based on studying matter. The biochemical changes inside the cells through detectors such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRIs find the imbalance in the physical body. Once diagnosed, then another form of matter is administered such as medication, surgery, injection and more. The same methods apply with behavioral blockages. Psychologists study emotions, perception, intelligence, consciousness, and the relationship between these phenomena and processes as well as the work of the glands, muscles, nervous system and more.

The alternative method is energy healing which involves energy blockages and/or an imbalance of energy that leads to illness, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or more. This method covers about 99% of healing modalities in the world.

What is the positive information healing which I am offering?

According to quantum physics, everyone and everything is a vibrational field. There is absolutely nothing that exists in the whole universe outside of this vibrational field. This vibrational field includes our cells, organs, physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. It also includes our relationships, our finances, and all aspects of nature including the mountains, oceans, forests, animals, even all planets, stars, and galaxies.

This vibrational field consists of Information, Energy and Matter.

The information has three components:

1- Content of information which is the message.
2- Receiver of information which is the heart.
3- Process of information which is the mind or consciousness which has many layers.

The energy is the actioner of the information and the manifester of information is the matter.

A simple formula that unifies science and spirituality is S+E+M=1. This formula is a Grand Unification Theory that the scientific community has been searching for many decades.

In this vibrational field we have positive and negative information from the past, present and future. What we need to do is to transform our negative information to positive information in all areas--- health, relationships, finances, intelligence and more.

Therefore, my role is to coach you to transform your negative messages into positive messages. Together, we can accomplish this transformation which ultimately leads to finding your true-self. Your commitment, dedication and persistence in doing your practices is 50% to achieve your goal and the other 50% comes from my guidance and blessings which I would receive from the Source or the Creator.

Now, you can understand the value of packages that I offer.

Attract Your Spiritual Relationship PROGRAM

6 - MONTHS PrograM

  • 30-minute daily Do-It-Yourself handouts to guide you in self-forgiveness practice. You may do 10 minutes at a time. Do with total sincerity.
  • 15 minutes weekly for 6 months remote Tao-Source Healing Hands blessings $3,840

  • 15 minutes weekly for 6 months remote Tao-Source Calligraphy Blessing (from Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Sacred book that only a few people in the world have)  $14,400

  • 30 minutes monthly for 6 months soul guidance sessions  $2,880

  • 15-minutes weekly for 6 months check-in phone consultations during the program  $1,600

  • 15-minutes for 6 weekly follow-up phone consultations after program completion $960

$22,720 value offered a special rate $3,450 with $500 deposit and $575 monthly.