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Pathway To Self Discovery


Love melts all blockages in healing of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies as well as relationships, finances and more.


The wisdom goes back to ancient time when the spiritual heart was receiving the positive information from the all-knowing or cosmos.


The applications are practices which are easy to do. They need to be repeated until they materialized in physical world. The key to success are persistence, commitment and patience.

About Me

My name is Minoo Campbell. I am grateful; Minoo means Heaven. I treasure my relationship with Heaven. I am honored to serve you through Heaven. Heaven guided me to meet my spiritual father, and teacher, Dr. Sha, in 2010. His teachings are profound. I became his disciple. My ultimate goal is to reach Soul Enlightenment.

He teaches “heal and transform the soul first, then healing and life transformation of the mind and body will follow.” 

Ours Testimonials

Here are just a few endorsements from our many happy clients who have experienced transformation.

I attended Minoo’s Soul Power Group one night in 2012. After the session was over, I had tears of joy. I felt so peaceful. My rapid heart rate went done. I was so relaxed and mellow when I left her. She instructed me to do forgiveness if I experience similar heart issues. I am grateful.
Self Employed
Since last fall I have gotten rid of 35 lbs. and what is so remarkable is the fact that it has been relatively easy. It's the results of the prayer work you had done for me in the past. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your devotion to this work is remarkable!!! Namaste
m. Clavenger
Strong Woman
The experience was totally different from any other healing I have received. Just when I thought nothing was happening...something did! The end result is that I have been walking without a cane since your blessing and the arthritis pain in my hip has been greatly diminished. Thank you, Minoo!
M. sharon

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